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Please Note:

This committee began meeting in July 2007 and completed the report March 2008. 

It  was named 7-11 Committee according to Ed Code 17389 which requires an advisory committee to appoint not less than 7 or more than 11 members.

7-11 District Advisory Committee

Committee Members

Gary Anspach, Business Owner

Pat Collins, Parent, Business Owner

Carol Farrer, Parent, Business Owner

Milagro Ramirez, Parent

Pepe Gonzalez, Principal

Kristen Marcucci, Teacher

Tom Thompson, Parent, Teacher, Santa Venetia Neighborhood Resident

Tom Woods, Parent, Business Owner

School Board Representatives

Jenny Callaway to December 10, 2007 (Term expired)

Natu Tuatagaloa

Real Estate Consultant

Tom Shannon, Enshallah, Inc.