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School Board Policy

The board policy that establishes the parcel tax budget oversight committee can be found here.   Parcel Tax Administrative Regulation

Local Parcel Tax

Schools enjoy community support

The San Rafael City Schools extend their thanks to the San Rafael community, which generously approved a parcel tax in May of 2013 for the elementary and the high school district that will remain in effect for eight years. The parcel taxes support teacher salaries, academic programs, and services to support classroom learning.

Parcel Tax Oversight Committee

The ballot measure specified that an Oversight Committee should be appointed by the Board of Trustees to ensure that special tax proceeds would be spent for their authorized purposes, and to report annually to the Board of Trustees and the public regarding the expenditure of such funds. 

Learn more about the work of that committee on this webpage.

Election History - Parcel Tax 2013 Ballot Measures (Expire 2022)

Elementary District (Parcel Tax 2013)

High School District (Parcel Tax 2013)

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