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Contact Abigail Costello  Abigail Costello School Counselor, Davidson Middle School
Contact Meghan Greenwood  Meghan Greenwood School Counselor, Sun Valley Elementary & Davidson Middle School
Contact Maria Pusel  Maria Pusel School Counselor, Davidson Middle School & Laurel Dell Elementary
Contact Lydia Velasco-Mayock  Lydia Velasco-Mayock School Counselor, Venetia Valley
Contact Michele Woodbury  Michele Woodbury School Counselor, Coleman Elementary, Glenwood Elementary & Central Services


High School Counseling
Elementary Counseling

Elementary Counseling
From Left to Right: Abby Costello (DMS), Meghan Greenwood (DMS/Sun Valley), Michele Woodbury (Coleman, Glenwood), Maria Pusel (DMS/Laurel Del) and Lydia Velasco-Mayok (Venetia Valley)