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2014-15 LCAP Process


San Rafael City Schools (SRCS) conducted an in-depth, targeted and multi-layered engagement process this year. This engagement process included multiple opportunities to review the LCAP and to provide feedback on the plans to support all students in SRCS to graduate college and career ready. 

A large majority of our engagement this year was to move from several goals for multiple initiatives to five aligned goals. This goal alignment involved a thoughtful stakeholder engagement process that involved central office leadership, site principals, teachers, parents, students and community. This process culminated in the creation of five shared LCAP goals for both the elementary and high school districts that are directly aligned with the district goals. These shared goals are also directly aligned to the school board's goals, and as such, promote a common focus and commitment districts-wide. See the goals listed on the right.

2015 - 2018 Approved LCAPs

The final versions of the Local Control Accountability Plans (LCAP) for 2015-2018 were approved by the SRCS Board Meeting on June 24, 2015. 

Elementary School District - Final - English High School District - Final - English
Distrito Escolar Primario - Final - Español Distrito Escolar Secundario - Final - Español

Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

SRCS convened the LCAP Parent Advisory Committee/English Learner Parent Advisory Committee several times throughout the year to help guide the process. See below for the agendas and minutes.

These meetings served as a way to inform and gather authentic input and feedback from stakeholders. Forums provided a pathway to understand the LCFF and LCAP process more clearly so participants could provide input via upcoming meetings and sessions. Specifically, the PAC/ELPAC had the following roles:

  • Provide feedback on the District’s process for engaging parents, teachers, staff and the community
  • Provide feedback on the District’s LCAP
  • Support prioritizing strategies for the LCAP

At its last meeting on June 1, the District shared draft versions of the LCAP. Click below to view the draft versions presented.

Additionally, at its last meeting on June 1, after the drafts were presented, participants reviewed them in groups and then submitted questions for Superintendent Michael Watenpaugh to respond to in writing.

Click here to read the questions and responses.  

Haga clic aquí para leer las preguntas y respuestas en español.

LCAP PAC Meetings for 2014-15
June 1, 2015 AGENDA     SP MINUTES SP
April 22, 2015 AGENDA   SP MINUTES  SP
January 13, 2015 AGENDA  SP MINUTES  SP

Community Workshops

As part of our LCAP process, we held a series of workshops so that members of our community could share their thoughts on our LCAP to help shape SRCS' educational priorities for student success. Students, teachers, staff, parents and community members were invited to attend.

  • LCAP Community Workshop #1: 
    Wednesday, March 25, 6 pm, San Rafael High School Library
  • LCAP Community Workshop #2: 
    Monday, May 4, 6 pm, San Rafael High School Library

Childcare and Spanish interpreting were available at both workshops. The workshops are a series, so individuals were encouraged to attend both meetings if possible.

Materials from the workshops are available below.

Materials from May 4 Community Workshop

At the May 4 Community Workshop, the draft LCAPs were shared for the Elementary School District and the High School District. In addition to the draft LCAP documents, summary graphics were also created to help provide summary information. They are organized by district and by the five goal areas. Feedback from the workshop is being analyzed to refine the LCAP. Students, teachers, staff, parents and community members are encouraged to send additional feedback to

Please note that all documents are draft.

Elementary School District (ESD)

Summary Graphics

​Click here to download all ESD Summary Graphics or click to download each goal area.

Draft LCAP Documents

​Click here to download all ESD LCAP documents or click to download each goal area.

High School District (HSD)

Summary Graphics

​Click here to download all HSD Summary Graphics or click to download each goal area.

Draft LCAP Documents

Click here to download all HSD LCAP documents or click to download each goal area.

Materials from March 25 Community Workshop

Click below to download the materials that were provided at the March 25 LCAP Community Workshop.



2015 LCAP Goals

Goal 1 - Student Learning
Each student receives rigorous instruction and support and are held to high expectations so that they can foster critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills in order to master the Common Core State Standards while continuing and be college, career and community ready.

Goal 2 - Staff PD
Provide all staff with differentiated professional development with a focus on collaboration and alignment so that they are able to maximize student learning and achievement. 

Goal 3 - Finance and Resources
Manage our resources responsibly, transparently and in alignment with District goals and priorities so that the District is able to focus its efforts to move the needle for student success.

Goal 4 - Community Engagement
Develop and implement highly effective two-way systems for communication between the District and its stakeholders so that there is increased awareness about, participation in, and support for decision-making about the Districts' goals.

Goal 5 - Culture and Climate
Establish effective systems and a welcome environment that allow staff, students and families to feel safe and included so that they can participate fully in student learning and the school community.