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Even Without Carnival This Year, Please Consider Supporting HeadsUp
Posted 10/12/20

Dear San Rafael City Schools Community,

Last October, just two months after becoming Superintendent of Schools in San Rafael, I walked onto the SRHS campus and had my mind blown.

HeadsUp’s Carnival was underway, and I was standing among thousands of students, families, teachers, and volunteers—from every one of our elementary, middle, and high schools—together, celebrating with music, food, games, and absolute joy!  On that day, surrounded by bounce houses and candy apples, dancing mascots and marching bands, cake walks and student performers, I learned two things:  1) pupusas are delicious, and 2) our diverse schools community reaches across ages, locations, languages, and lifestyles to form one beautiful SRCS family.

Thank you to HeadsUp for making that day possible, last year and for more than 10 years before that.  I’m sorry that, like so many other things lost this year, we won’t be gathering to celebrate Carnival together.  I’ll miss your smiling faces and the feeling of community they embody.  I’m also sorry HeadsUp won’t have the benefit of this successful fundraiser to help support its programs across our district.  HeadsUp continues to be a vital partner, providing enrichment and equitable opportunities for all our students.  

I hope you’ll consider supporting HeadsUp’s important work for our schools by clicking here And, I look forward to sharing another wonderful Carnival day with you all very soon.


Jim Hogeboom