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LCAP Summary

2016 LCAP Summary

San Rafael City Schools (SRCS) conducted an in-depth, targeted and multi-layered engagement process to build the 2016 LCAP. This engagement process included multiple opportunities to review the LCAP and to provide feedback on the plans to support all students in SRCS to graduate college and career ready. The engagement opportunities took place in the form of: 

  • District staff engagements 
  • Parent advisory meetings
  • LCAP Stakeholder Taskforce meetings
  • Board presentations 
  • District advisory committee meetings 

Each stakeholder has a unique and relevant perspective on the needs of the students and the direction that SRCS is taking to address those needs. By providing ongoing and focused engagements, SRCS has been able to provide valuable information to its stakeholders on the district's visions, while at the same time, gathering valuable input into refining a targeted set of goals and outcomes. 

A large majority of our engagement this year focused on implementation of the initiatives under our five goals. Sharing progress on the implementation of goals involved a thoughtful stakeholder engagement process which included the community, students, parents, teachers, staff, site principals, and central office leadership. This process also centered around the work of the LCAP Stakeholder Taskforce, which was made up of representatives from all stakeholder groups. They collaborated to conduct a review of district-wide, budgeted “Top Ten Instructional Initiatives” for each district.

Below are the LCAP goals for both the Elementary School District and the High School District. These shared goals are also directly aligned to the Board of Education's goals, and as such, promote a common focus and commitment district- wide.

  • Goal 1 - Student Learning - Each student receives rigorous instruction and support and are held to high expectations so that they can foster critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills in order to master the Common Core State Standards while continuing and be college, career and community ready.
  • Goal 2 - Staff PD - Provide all staff with differentiated professional development with a focus on collaboration and alignment so that they are able to maximize student learning and achievement. 
  • Goal 3 - Finance and Resources - Manage our resources responsibly, transparently and in alignment with District goals and priorities so that the District is able to focus its efforts to move the needle for student success.
  • Goal 4 - Community Engagement - Develop and implement highly effective two-way systems for communication between the District and its stakeholders so that there is increased awareness about, participation in, and support for decision-making about the Districts' goals.
  • Goal 5 - Culture and Climate - Establish effective systems and a welcome environment that allow staff, students and families to feel safe and included so that they can participate fully in student learning and the school community.

SRCS' LCAP goals demonstrate our commitment to all students, in particular those that have been identified under LCFF as high needs. Aligned to the goals are specific actions and services the district plans to take to realize its vision to support all students to be prepared for college and career, many of these actions are derived from the 2015 LCAPs, but in some places, the actions and services have been adjusted to reflect stakeholder feedback, learning from the first years of LCAP implementation, or student outcomes.

Overall, through our engagement process, we received feedback on areas of continued focus for the 2016 LCAP, including implementation of the state standards, attracting and retaining high quality staff, support for targeted subgroups of students, student success and support systems and promoting a college-going culture. SRCS has also maintained its commitment to strengthening community engagement and promoting a welcoming and supportive school climate. Within the plan for 2016 is a more targeted focus on supporting students with the highest needs, as reflected by an investment in programs to ensure all students are on reading on grade level by third grade using the SEAL program, ensuring support for students at each of the transition points (i.e., K-1st, 5-6th grade, 8-9th grade, 12th to college) and centralized translation services for students and families. In 2016, the goal for finance and resources was enhanced to cover many vital programs, including implementing SRCS's Bond Program for Measures A & B. 

Lastly, SRCS will continue to provide focused attention on the needs of students at their specific grade levels, while managing both districts through centralized services, academic support and leadership to ensure that the districts work together to support the needs of all of its students. This coordinated support is evident in the 2016 LCAP.