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About SRCS

San Rafael City Schools

Lifting student achievement. Every student, every day. 

The San Rafael City Schools community ensures that every student receives an empowering education. High expectations and skillful individualized instruction enable each student to embrace their own learning, think critically and experience success. 

Our welcoming school climate ensures that our diverse community of students, families, staff and community members are treated with dignity and respect, creating opportunities for participation, engagement and support. Every student graduates college and/or career ready, able to take responsibility for a future that includes life-long learning. 

SRCS includes the San Rafael Elementary School District and the San Rafael High School District, with a total student population of more that 7,200. The two districts are governed by one school board and one district office administration. 

The Elementary District is composed of nine schools. The High School District provides secondary education to students residing in two elementary districts: Dixie School District and San Rafael Elementary District. The High School District has two comprehensive 9-12 high schools and a continuation high school. Click here to learn more about our schools

Vision Statement

Every student will be a confident learner, an effective communicator, a critical thinker and a positive contributor to the global community.

Mission Statement

Our Mission: Lifting student achievement. Every student, every day.


We Believe:

  • Every student has a fundamental right to a quality education that supports their path to achieve their full potential.
  • Students thrive in physically, and emotionally safe environments that are conducive to learning for all.
  • Students, families, staff and community members are empowered and responsible for the success of our students.
  • Our community has a shared responsibility for everyone’s success and encourages everyone’s participation.
  • We value integrity, honesty, and truthfulness and believe in the inherent dignity and worth of every individual


  1. Each student receives rigorous instruction and support and is held to high expectations so that they can foster critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication skills in order to master the Common Core State Standards while continuing to be college, career and community ready.
  2. Provide all staff with differentiated professional development with a focus on collaboration, alignment, and high quality staff retention and support, so as to maximize student learning and achievement.
  3. Manage our resources responsibly, transparently and in alignment with District goals and priorities so that the District is able to focus its efforts to move the needle for student success.
  4. Develop and implement highly effective two-way systems of communication between the District and its stakeholders to ensure increased awareness about, participation in, and support for decision-making about the District’s goals.
  5. Establish effective systems and a welcoming environment that allow staff, students and families to feel safe and included so that they can participate fully in student learning and the school community.