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First School in Bay Area to Follow Example of US Soccer’s Abby Wambach and Major League Lacrosse By Putting Head Impact Monitors on Athletes

San Rafael High School announced a significant step in safety by outfitting their athletes with Triax Technologies Smart Impact Monitors (SIM™).  The Bulldogs Girl’s Varsity and JV soccer teams and Boys’ Varsity and JV lacrosse teams used the SIM devices throughout the spring 2015 season to track and assess head impacts during practices, and the school intends to continue use of the Triax SIM into the fall sports season.  These are the same devices used by top female soccer player, Abby Wambach, and Major League Lacrosse to help identify significant hits and adjust technique to avoid injury.  

“Using head impact monitors allow us to see what we may not have been able detect during the course of watching a game,” said Tim Galli, San Rafael High School Athletic Director.  “The reality is you don’t always have obvious symptoms with a significant hit, and there are times that a dangerous impact could go unnoticed from the sidelines.  With the SIM, we had data to quantify impacts during play which will helped us to identify if an athlete should be evaluated.”

Studies have shown that most players do not report concussive symptoms experienced during competitions, let alone sub-concussive hits.  At the same time, researchers agree that repetitive sub-concussive hits can be as dangerous as concussive hits and should be taken seriously.  Having the ability to quantify impacts can be the first sign of a potential health risk. 

“As new data continues to emerge showing potential long-term effects of head impacts, we knew that we needed to take steps to help us make good decisions about player safety,” continued Galli. “The Triax technology supports our athletic staff who are always on the lookout to help prevent potential injuries, and each player’s data will help them to play smarter  – both in games and at practice.”

Triax SIM™ devices are worn in comfortable, unobtrusive headbands or skullcaps to record head impacts and transmit data in real time from the field to a smart phone or tablet on the sideline.  This cutting-edge technology can track and store individual head impacts measuring the G-force of direct hits and jarring through linear and rotational measures, giving both real-time data and reveal player trends.  This monitoring allows coaches, trainers and parents to identify when a player has experienced a significant head impact, or a series of repetitive “sub-concussive” hits, that might require altering technique or removal from play for assessment. 

The first device of its kind to be Hit Count® certified in all sports categories as defined by the Sports Legacy Institute, Triax SIM™ devices are currently being used by more than 18 research institutions around the country as part of various studies to better understand sports concussions and the impact of sub-concussive hits.  As part of San Rafael’s ongoing commitment to player safety, the school is currently looking to expand the program.

“Athletes are always going to push themselves to be their best, it doesn’t matter if they are in a youth league, competing on the high school varsity, or representing their country,” said Chad Hollingsworth, Co-founder of Triax Technologies.  “San Rafael’s athletes are no different and we are excited to be part of their team.”